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I retired. Everyone asks what do you do to keep yourself busy? I am confused because I have more projects than I could do in two lifetimes. I turn 60 soon and have just now realized what I truly love to do. Create with wood. I have 220 acres of hardwoods. I have my own sawmill. I have a shop full of tools. I have time.

Every morning I take a short walk from my house to my barn. I look around the barn for an interesting piece of wood. When I find one I figure out what it could be. Maybe a bench or a table. Maybe a picture frame. I just start creating and before I know it the day has flown past. I realized that it isn’t really work when you love what you do. My plan is to make something new and different every day.

I just started milling wood so there is a bit of a lead time since I air dry it. There is nothing like cutting into a rotten old log and seeing a piece of natures artwork. As I travel through my woods I picture what is inside of an old twisted tree or what the log will look like quarter sawn. Trees that I have passed many times now have new meaning with my mill. I look at wood not as a commodity but as art.

So anyway, what I am doing is creating slabs or useable items that people like. My goal is to keep some, sell some and give some away. Look through my photos and see if there is something that I can do for you. If so, drop me a message.

Mac’s Woods……….And miles to go before I sleep.


Every Saturday and Sunday (11am - 5pm) in September and October visit Fall Pop-Up Shops in Naples, NY. 141 South Main Street, Naples, NY 14512 (located in Divine Designs Boutique, look for the red awning). Shop many local artists and if you don’t find what you are looking for give Mac a call to come up to the shop. 585-202-2019

Naples Open Studio Trail October 3 and 4, 2020 (10am - 5pm). This is the second year we will be on this one-of-a-kind trail. 


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